As avid readers of our blog know, we generally only blog on Business Intelligence and technology industry news. However, this article really struck a chord with me and I couldn’t resist. This is an extremely well thought out analysis of the impact of Social Media on story telling, the way we share information with each other, whether communication has been depersonalised, and really got me thinking about how Social Media has changed the way we do business, and even gone as far to help us be better at business.

From a marketing perspective, social media has opened up so many new channels to reach out to partners, perspective clients and colleagues and tell our story. Yes, the traditional methods such as calling people on the telephone and meeting people face to face are arguably remain the most effective ways of reaching people with your story thanks to the ability to engage them on a more personal level. However,  we are very rarely given that luxury in this climate, as so many “buyers”  have shut the door on Sales and Marketing professionals.

Social Media has allowed us to share our story on both our organisational offerings/knowledge and experience, and our own personal skills and experiences within the workplace, revolutionising the way in which we “do business”. LinkedIn allows us to connect with colleagues (with whom, lets face it, the likelihood is we would have passed in the corridor with a quick awkward smile on our faces until now), network and share likeminded contacts whilst updating each other with our own personal experiences within the workplace via the status update tool.

Interestingly, many of these people centric facilities are now available in SharePoint 2010 and extremely useful in finding who in your organisation has knowledge of a particular subject, working on a certain project or simply working with your team on a document.

As a marketing professional, LinkedIn has become one of my greatest resources, enabling me to not only connect with professionals/clients and prospects, but also take part in discussions on subjects – sharing my views and learning a lot from likeminded professionals. I am unsure how I coped without it now I have the resources it brings me at my disposal.

Organisational blogs allow companies to not only reach out to the wider business network via business related articles, sharing case studies, etc. but share information internally, updating staff with exiting staff news such as weddings, births and promotions, etc. Social media has clearly bought us all closer together in the workplace rather than depersonalise communication as many may argue. As you would expect, a copy of this blog is also available in the Blog area of our Internet SharePoint Intranet at Ridgian.

In the world of business we have a lot to thank Social Media for, so as far as I’m concerned I ask you all keep twitting, blogging and Facebooking!

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